Why does milk-based beverages POP-UP?

Beware of the Major Explosion!!

Yes, milk beverages do explode, and the explosion is an indication of spoilage. These are applicable to most of our milk-based smoothies, milkshakes and cheese products.

Factors identified as the reasons for milk spoilage.

  • Intrinsic factors — deal with food composition. It includes many elements like moisture content, pH, and nutrient content, anti-microbial constituents of food.

  • Extrinsic factors — deal with environmental factors. It includes temperature, relative humidity, oxygen availability, microbial interaction.

Types of micro-organisms in Milk

We shall be discussing only the biochemical based spoilage of Milk. Biochemical is a process where the microbes produce enzymes that bring about changes in biochemical constituents like proteins and carbohydrates.

  • Souring of milk: — bitterness and a sour taste in milk is because of the presence of Lactobacillus sp., Streptococcus sp.

  • Sweet Curdling: — microorganism that coagulate milk — Bacillus sp., Proteus sp., Micrococcus sp

  • Gas Production: — Producing acid and gas, mainly Coliforms. Putrefaction and cloudy fermentation (breakdown of sugars) of milk which leads to POP UP of any milk-based products when the seal opened beyond its validity.

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With time the sugar molecules in the milk breakdown and release energy in a sealed bottle. Since it’s a sealed bottle, the released energy builds up inside. So, when we open all the power is released at once, hence the explosion or POP up that you notice or you hear most of the time. The explosion doesn’t happen with reliable food products, because the sugar molecules are not broken down by a liquid solution as with milk-based products.

Do not store or keep any milk-based beverages under direct sunlight or vigorous light intensity. You can check my previous stories, where I have explained the consequences of such storage.

( “Have you ever wondered why milk is delivered before Sunrise?”- https://medium.com/@pavithrakrishnaprasad/have-you-ever-wondered-why-milk-is-delivered-before-sunrise-94a33e28b8c2)

Ensure you consume the product within it’s prescribed period of usage or consumption. Follow the instructions of storage as suggested on the product label to avoid such explosions.

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