Precautions to be taken when handling leftover food.

It is advisable not to consume leftover cooked food, especially in summer. But if there is any leftover, it must be stored and consumed within the same day or two.

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If there is more than the required quantity for a meal, the excess food can be refrigerated immediately after preparation (cool it down) or serving meals.

Check leftover food for staleness or spoilage. Discard if there are any signs of spoilage. Do not taste for checking food spoilage. Use smell or vision for the same.

Reheat leftover food which is in good condition before consumption. You can reheat only once.

Use the leftover of one meal as a raw ingredient in the next meal preparation. For example, use boiled rice for making kheer, konji, phirni, pulao, fried rice, lemon rice. You can also use leftover cooked/boiled vegetables as a stuffing for sandwiches, bread rolls, etc.

Use separate waste bins for vegetable peels, food waste- wet wastes- Bio-degradable. Dry wastes- plastics, glass, packages. Non-biodegradable.Discard the leftover food/spoiled in a covered bin pedal operated bin. Wash hands after disposal.

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