25 Ways to say Good-bye to the pests!

Previous posts dealt with the types of pests and insects that can infest your food and another post dealing with the ways they could infest. Here we shall be discussing about the preventive measure to keep away from pests and insects.

  1. The first and foremost important rule one must follow is Stock Management. Yes, only buy what needed for a specific period. Do not over-stock. Buying in bulk is good, but learn how well you can use them frequently to replenish regularly. When you very well know that you don’t need that 1kg of Maida, do not overstock! 

  2. Do not buy any package if it is dented, squished, tampered, torn, and has a hole.

  3. Please do not buy any product that has gone beyond 60% of its shelf life. For example, a juice carton manufactured in January 2019 with Best before date six months, is still on the shelves in June 2019. By now, the box should have been sold out or kept away. Do not buy any product which has a shelf life equal to a gun-point encounter. The product goes waste, or there are higher chances of product getting infested by the pests.

  4. Do not buy cereals, pulses, and rice when you find weevils or moths in their bins. You can easily remove them, but remember more weevils be thriving in the food, especially their eggs. After a month of storing them, they call their peeps to multiply more to infest the product.

  5. Do not buy any product stored bin that’s broken.

6. Use oldest products before newer ones, and opened packages before unopened ones.

7. Store insect-free foods in tightly closed glass, metal, or heavy plastic containers. You can also store foods in the refrigerator or freezer.

8. Keep food storage areas clean. Clean up crumbs or spilt food immediately.

9. Kindly discard old, unused products.

10. Thoroughly clean cracks and corners of cupboards with a vacuum cleaner.

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Fly Control

11. Always practice to cover the food when required. Use of mesh and screen on the windows could also prevent the entry of flies.

12. Do not leave any cut fruits or sweetened products open to breed.

13. Keep the windows and doors closed when not in use.

14. Do not use electric bats/ rackets in the kitchen, as there are higher chances of physical contamination of the dead particles to fall into food.

15. UV light traps and Pest electric devices to be placed opposite to the entrance to control the fly entry.

Rat Control

16. Do not use rat cakes, because you may never know where the rat goes next to chew again!

17. Do not use a traditional wood rat trap that kills the rat, and the foul smell is difficult to eradicate from the premise. Either consult a Pest control agency to help you out or use a Rat glue pads.

18. Close all the gaps and holes that easy for entry.

19. Do not leave any food open.

Cockroaches Control

20. Cockroaches love cardboards dipped in oil. It’s like a snack for them! Ensure you don’t allow any cardboards or carton boxes to sit on your shelves. All the more, ensure there is no oil spillage. Because cockroaches love sliding on them.

21. When there is a heap of ants, you can always spot a Gangster cockroach preying along with them. All the small gaps around the corners of walls, floors, and ceilings to be covered.

22. When there is a high heat process, you can always spot a gang of cockroaches somewhere around the corner. Ensure the exhaust system and the air circulation in the kitchen is proper.

23. Rusted machinery, equipments can attract cockroaches. Ensure they are given a coat of food graded paints once in a while. Else discard the rusted containers and do not use them.

24. Please do not leave the tin can after its opened, immediately transfer the content to an airtight container. These tins easily rust to attract cockroaches.

25. On a final note, it is always recommended and safe to call pest control agencies once in a month to do their services for thorough checkups and control.

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