10 ways to keep the Weevils out from your food.

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

  1. Ensure you don’t leave any packaged food open and stored out.

  2. Ensure you always store the cereals and grains in a dry container and air-tight. Whenever you open, immediately close the lid as these weevils tend to spread by flying.

  3. Empty all foods (infested or not) from the pantry, or area infested.

  4. If there are lesser in number, you can destroy them by high heat treatment by boiling them the cereal/grain along with water.

  5. Ensure you store the dry products for not more than a month. Without your knowledge, these weevils will infest the food and contaminate the entire content.

  6. Clean the shelves of the food storage area regularly. Clean the containers/ bins before you fill the new stock to ensure there are no existing weevils present in them to multiply.

  7. Do not purchase dented, open, torn or damaged packaging.

  8. Do not overbuy and over store the food — buy what you need to use quickly.

  9. Always keep shelf and other food areas clean, free of crumbs and free foods.

  10. Keep food storage areas dry; weevils are attracted to moisture too.

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